Therapy Balls

Types Of Therapy Balls

Many therapy systems involving the use of balls have been developed of late. While some are designed specifically for post operations and curative use in hospitals; special types of balls are also being developed for physical and therapeutic purposes. Additionally, these days, ball systems using specially designed balls have been developed also for sliming, fitness and exercise purposes.

Some of these balls are designed to improve core strength whilst others are used to develop speed and strength. There are also balls specifically developed for the promotion of hand and massage therapy.

Currently there are many such balls in the market. The popular ones seen in the market are the Chinese therapy ball, Dr Freud therapy ball, the MYO therapy ball, the occupational therapy ball, the peanut therapy ball, the trigger point therapy ball, the Swiss therapy ball and the hand therapy ball.

Therapy Balls Some of these balls are to be used strictly with the various therapy systems developed with the use of the balls in mind. This is true in the case of the yoga ball for the yoga body therapy system as well as the the miracle ball, the peanut ball and the tennis ball for each of its own therapy systems.

A fitness ball is a ball specifically developed for therapeutic exercises. The other names for a fitness ball are birth ball, body ball and gym ball. Normally made from PVC material, this ball is meant specifically for use in exercises designed and set by medical practitioners and in therapy that involves light physical types of exercise.

With the use of the fitness ball for exercising, the core body muscles can become stronger and more focused in application. The exercise balls or fitness balls train the body in controlled movements and this in turn also impacts movements that are essential in sports. Today, the fitness ball for exercising is being used to specifically treat adults with a number of orthopedic problems.

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