Therapy Balls

Therapy Ball

A physical therapy ball is one of the simplest tools you can use in your aim for better stress management and improved fitness. It goes by a variety of names but the underlying principles are the same for each one. One of the reason why the therapy ball is widely used is due to its ability to provide stability to your muscles and enabling an entire body workout.

To get the most benefits, it is important to learn about what therapy ball activities you can make use of it. This will enable you to perform corrective exercises so you can optimize results.

One of the physical therapy ball exercises you can perform is chair replacement. When you are sitting in an office chair for extended hours, it could result to tight muscles and result to poor posture. By replacing the chair with a therapy ball, you can engage the core muscles of your body and burn more calories even when you are just sitting.

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Therapy Balls The therapy ball also makes an excellent replacement for weights used during strength or weight training. You can use the ball to perform various exercises such as chest presses, lateral raise, bicep curls, shoulder presses, among others.

Doing push-up is one of the most common exercises performed during strength training and you can make it more challenging with the use of a physical therapy ball. Whenever you squeeze the ball, it works out your adductors, chests, and hamstrings in the process.

You can also utilize the natural weight of the therapy ball when performing swings or side chops. With your arms carrying the ball in front of you, swing it from one side to another in a continuous flow. This will really work out the core muscles of your body while boosting your energy level.

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